Black Christmas Ornaments: Ideas and Shopping Guide

Black Christmas Ornaments

Black, though not traditionally thought of as a Christmas color, is the newest trend in holiday décor. Decorate your tree and deck your halls with all-black ornaments that go beyond classic shapes.

Classic Black Tree Ornament Options

Whether you decorating a white tree or a traditional green one, these black ornaments will look amazing. Select a traditional shape or design for your tree.

  • Chalkboard ornament - This 7-inch metal chalkboard ornament is ready for your personalized message. The price is just over $8. Use these to create personalized ornaments for family and friends or to display the year.
  • Shatterproof ball set - The eight black ball ornaments in this set are shatterproof and come in shiny and sparkling finishes. The set is under $5. These ornaments would look great on a white flocked Christmas tree, mixed with both black and white ornaments.
  • Rustic tin barn star - If you have a rustic décor, this tin barn star will be the perfect addition. The star would be perfect on an all black tree, with a red and black buffalo plaid, or cabin-themed tree. However, it's simple and classic, so would fit into almost any style.
  • Black vintage customizable ceramic ornament - Choose from five different shapes including a heart, square, round circle, and star. The background of the ornament is black with a lace-like quality. Best of all, you can personalize this ornament. The cost is under $25.
  • Miniature black lanterns - This set of two 1-inch lantern ornaments is appropriate for a black stylized decor scheme. The price is around $2.50. Each lantern has a unique design, but both would look nice with a vintage style tree.
Black Rustic Tin Barn Star at Factory Direct Craft
Rustic Tin Barn Star

Ornaments for Themed Trees

If you have a themed Christmas tree and holiday décor scheme, you'll want ornaments to match. Some might have a hint of color here and there, depending on the item depicted, but they all feature black prominently.

  • Black grand piano - If you have a pianist or want to add a classy touch to your tree, this grand piano ornament to your tree or wreath. The ornament is 3 inches wide and costs around $11. It works perfectly if you have a musical decorating scheme.
  • Black mustache - Pop-culture themed trees will be enhanced with this whimsical mustache ornament. For under $8, you can adorn your tree with this trendy icon.
  • Nativity silhouette - This nativity ornament is a perfect way to celebrate the birth of Christ and fits right into a religiously themed tree. At less than $4, you can pick up several.
  • Primitive faux carved crow - Set a Gothic-themed tree apart with a few crows inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. It's an affordable option at less than $7.
  • Motorcycle - Toughen up your tree with a black and silver motorcycle. It's perfect for a biker tree or vehicle-themed tree. It runs about $14.
  • Steam engine - Trains have a place in Christmas decorations, and can be part of a toy or vehicle-themed tree. Add this black engine to your tree for about $20.
    BestPysanky Mustache Blown Glass Christmas Ornament
    BestPysanky Mustache Blown Glass Christmas Ornament

Decorate Your Home With Black Ornaments

Complement your black Christmas tree ornaments with matching wall and tabletop décor. These are options that can make a statement no matter where you place them.

  • Christmas wall ornament decals - These large (46"H x 43" W) wall decals include six round ornaments. Three larger ornaments feature white patterns (church, snowflakes, and white stripes/stars) and the three smaller ornaments are solid black. The cost is just under $35. Put them behind a couch or in the entryway to make decorating easy.
  • Swirl drop - This 8-inch glitter, swirl drop black and white swirl ornament would be ideal dangling from an ornament holder on a mantle. The cost for this large ornament is about $19.
  • Waterford pearls and lace ball ornament - The beautiful round ornament features a black background with intricate lace detailing. It dangles from a ribbon with the "Waterford" name on it. This item would be ideal for a table centerpiece or displayed with other luxury ornaments on a mantle. The price is $60, and the ornament could also make a wonderful gift for someone special.
  • Retro reflector shatterproof ball - This ornament is 8 inches and is around $10. Those cool old reflector balls that dangled on your childhood tree are back, with an updated black look. The ornament is beautiful enough to be highlighted in a display of other retro and vintage ornaments on an end table, rather than used with other ornaments on a tree.
  • Antique black barn star - This 24-inch diameter barn star is the perfect wall ornament for a classic country Christmas. It features a distressed matte black finish and has a pre-drilled hole so you can add a hook, ribbon, or hanger. The item costs just under $30.
  • Vickerman Christmas tree drop ornament - This 13-inch chrome, black, and zebra stripped drop shaped ornament is large enough to stand alone and command an audience. It's the perfect accent piece for a tablescape. At under $9, this piece is affordable and is shatterproof.
  • Black and white bow ornaments - If you're decorating with black and white, you can add this homespun-looking ornament to your home for under $5. While this could be used on a tree, it would also look nice dangling from a ribbon in front of a window to create a festive look.
    Black Christmas Ornaments Wall Decal
    Black Christmas Ornaments Wall Decal

Create Your Own

Consider creating your own black ornaments. Use free Christmas ornament patterns with black materials to transform them into your own unique design.

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Black Christmas Ornaments: Ideas and Shopping Guide