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Christmas Window Decoration Ideas

Sally Painter

Country Christmas

Expand your Christmas decorations by focusing on the windows in your home. They offer great opportunities to create several Christmas vignettes that can be enjoyed inside and outside the home.

This window design takes advantage of traditional colors as well as country elements. It's an easy design to recreate. The red gingham hearts and the red column candle are the main objects in this layered design.

Select a few red ornament balls and a Santa ornament. You don't have to duplicate the exact ornaments/objects used, such as the nearly hidden violin. Homemade country ornaments are excellent choices. You may prefer to include a wooden red apple or two. Don't forget the spray snow for a wintery effect.

Nostalgic Felt Ornaments

These old fashioned felt ornaments are easy to make using red and white felt. Sew with a simple blanket stitch and they're ready to hang. String twine in front of the window and attach ornaments with green painted clothespins.

Three-inch white column candles, red gloss and matte finished ball ornaments, and a few pinecones fill the window sill. Spray the window panes with faux snow and you're finished.

A Touch of Gold

This is a simple yet very effective design featuring the rich color of gold. One large gold star and one large white star with gold highlights are just two of the star sizes used in this window design.

The other gold stars and Christmas ornament balls rest on a bed of artificial snow placed along the window sill. Snow frosted pine boughs complete this vignette of gold elegance. Use one or more star-shaped votive candle holders to light up your design.

Windowbox Nutcrackers

This fun and creative use of a window box employs a mantel display approach with pine boughs and strings of miniature lights draped over the window box. A plaid bow is suspended from the center. Faux snow covers the tops of the boughs and vigil nutcracker dolls guard each window section.

The top window frame displays fans of pine. Lighted pine garlands trail along the outer sides of the window. Several white strands of lights create a valance. The center window section frames the inside lighted Christmas tree. Be sure all materials can withstand outdoor elements.

If desired, add more light strands along back of window box to better illuminate the nutcracker dolls.

Simple Yet Elegant

One way to show off special Christmas ornaments is to hang them separately in front of a series of windows. This is especially attractive for hand-painted or hand-blown Christmas balls and ornaments. Don't stop there.

This example uses red berries and an ivy streamer to give it an elegant flair. You may wish to add a red satin bow or a red and green plaid one for each window ornament. Be sure to hang so the Christmas ball or ornament is at eye level and easy to see.

Light It Up!

This window design is all about the lights. A simple pine wreath with a purple ribbon fills the upper portion of the window. The window ledge features a small window box filled with boughs of pine and a matching purple ribbon. Three miniature white Christmas trees are spotlighted in front of the iron scrolled grillwork.

Christmas Card Window

This window has the classic look found on many Christmas cards and it's easy to create. Faux snow and a cedar bough fill the outside window sill.

Each window pane is sprayed inside and outside with faux snow paint, leaving an oval opening to glimpse the white column candles, Christmas tree, and white presents tied with big red bows.

Wreaths and Miniature Trees

This traditional design of a wreath in every window is taken to a new level. Making use of empty wrought iron window boxes, this design features miniature pine trees planted in the window box. Each end features a sprig of berries and a full red bow. A pine garland swag is the finishing touch.

The key to recreating this design is the consistency of the red bows for the wreaths and the window boxes.

Golden Star

This window design takes advantage of an inside and outside design. Outside, pine garland frames the top and bottom of the window decorated with red ribbons.

Inside, a feathering of faux snow is brushed on the window. A pair of lanterns, different heights, are set on the inside window sill and each contains a red column candle. The main feature of this window design is the gold stained glass star that shines warmly.

Magic of Christmas

This is a fairly simple, yet enchanting window treatment for an inside Christmas window decoration. A curtain of starry lights hangs against the glass taking advantage of its reflective properties. Simply hang a garland to frame the top portion of the window and you're almost finished. Add a mix of house plants to fill the inside window sill. Now you've created a very magical Christmas window.

Whimsical Santa Window

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is trying to sneak up the side of the house, but appears to be stuck on the window shutter.

If you're feeling creative, you can make the rope ladder by cutting a small hollow plastic tube and threading nylon rope through each piece. Allow enough length on either side to connect to the next length and use a slipknot or other type of knot to tie the ends together.

Secure Santa onto your rope ladder with glue, a drill and screws, or ties, depending on the figure's material. Add his toy bag with gifts and move on to decorating the rest of the window by framing it with garland. Hang a few weatherproof ornaments from the garland and don't forget the ribbons.

Blue Christmas

The reason these window decorations work so well is that they repeat the color of the building and window guards. Along with the multi-hued blue balls of varying sizes are several silver ones. The largest balls are evenly spaced on either side of the window creating excellent symmetry.

Mimic this design by selecting exterior ornament balls that either blend, match, or contrast the outside color of your home and windows. You can either hot glue the garland or wire the balls together. Use either a wire or Styrofoam frame for best results.

Windowseat and Mini Tree

This window design centers around the window seat that's trimmed with garland and used to feature a decorated mini-Christmas tree. The window is framed by a lighted garland.

The mini tree is a cute repetition of the larger Christmas tree. This creates a cohesive theme and look in your main room.

Lake House Garland

Arched windows come alive with this full pine and poinsettia garland. Red and green ornament balls, red ribbons and pine cones, highlight the design.

This lake house has one truly unique and unobtrusive ornament -- a trout. You can take this subtle idea to reflect a hobby, region, occupation, or pet in your holiday decorations.

Christmas Light Art

The inflatable snowman appears happy with this simplistic and easy to copy window decoration. Colorful miniature lights highlight the garland that outlines the shuttered window. In the center is a light art Christmas tree that's a lighter hue of green and displays a large star topper. You can use different light art for each window or select the main window for this type of display.

Once you've finished your window decorating, decorate your Christmas mantel with a festive design.

Sally Painter
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Christmas Window Decoration Ideas