16 Stunning Front Door Christmas Decoration Ideas

Silver and White


Invite friends and family into your home for the Christmas season by creating an inviting and festive front door.

This stunning door decoration is perfect for any bold colored door. The wreath is a mix of vine, dried foliage and/or moss. This stark wintry look is created by the white spray of twigs bursting from the top of the wreath.

The eye-catching cluster of ornament balls have glossy and matte finishes and are shaped like a bunch of grapes. Be sure to add a silver bow at the top of the cluster so it ruffles over the balls like leaves. Add a dramatic flair with four to five different lengths of white ribbon, making sure they are all longer than normal.

Home for the Holidays


This door design greets all who knock with warmth and is the ideal choice for a double door entrance. Two full wreaths made from pine boughs don't have ribbons, which allows the draped lighted garland framing the doors to blend with the overall door decoration. The no frills approach of this design is in keeping with the naturally cozy and inviting porch decorations.

Woodland Door


The greenery framing the doorway is anchored by a red bow in each corner. The bows match the wreath bow that is placed to the middle side of the wreath. Pine cones and small apples decorations give a natural appeal to this very woodsy door design.

The Colonial


This door decoration is in keeping with the fruit found in the living historical recreation of Colonial Williamsburg. Known as the Williamsburg Christmas Look (circ 1939), this design uses the now famous fruited designs.

The triangle design above the double doors displays seasonal fruits of lemons, apples and the centerpiece that's truly a symbol of Southern hospitality - the pineapple. Boxwood is used as a background filler and leaves polishes off the outer edges.

A simple garland outlines the doors with a wreath of greenery gracing each. Greenery swags cascade from the coach lantern style lights. Red ribbons are the single decoration for the wreaths and swags

Colonial Alternative


This stunning Williamsburg door design is created using large and small apples with sprigs of berries that form the wreath and corner fruit arrangements. The wreath greenery is made from the traditional boxwood while the garland is made from pine boughs.

Unlike authentic Colonial Williamsburg fruit wreaths and door designs, it's best to use faux fruit that's specifically for outdoor use to avoid rot and weather damage.

Festive Brilliance


This door takes advantage of the gold stained glass transom window, side panels, and half-door glass. The garland streams past the door stoop to the grill mesh railing. The upper portion of the garland is trimmed with several ribbons and red poinsettias.

Above the lighted wreath ring a pair of gold colored bells. The lighted wreath is a mix of golden apples and red berries topped by a gold mesh bow. The lights used throughout are a mixture of gold and red.

You can also use this design for a more typical banister and railing leading to the front door.

Snowman Vignette


This door design incorporates several other elements to create a complete vignette. The door's window is covered with white paper taped to the inside pane. A wreath is then centered over the white backdrop. The pine wreath features a large red bow with a "Merry Christmas" greeting. The bow fills the center open space of the wreath.

Three large poinsettias are equally spaced around the wreath along with three gold bell ornaments. The unique porch columns are wrapped with pine and pine cone garlands. Colorful ornament balls are then added. Above the cute snowman doorman is a gold ribbon ball (another is placed on the porch floor).

The lazy Santa sitting on the floor by the snowman is almost obscured by two large gourds that resemble pumpkins that could be swapped out for wrapped gifts if desired. Recreate the unique snow effect by using spray-painted Spanish moss above the doorway and along the roofline.

Ribbons and Poinsettias


This design foregoes the door wreath opting for a long streamer ribbon placed at the top of the door. The lighted garland is wrapped with metallic red ribbon that's trimmed with gold. The gold trim picks up the gold accents in the door. Potted poinsettias and white hydrangeas grace either side of the doorway.

Mardi Gras Christmas


The vibrant fun colors of this door decoration takes a page out of Mardi Gras color palettes. The wreath features purple, pink and green ornament balls with a deco mesh bow and ribbon. Unique colored pale poinsettias give a unique contrast to the wreath and garland. A colorful finial ornament hangs from the bow.

An array of various decorative Mardi Gras colored ornaments are suspended from the top door frame for an added mystical and festive touch.

Simple Elegance


This simple boxwood and apple wreath is striking with the large full bow streaming from the top. Set against this black painted door, this wreath truly pops!

The finishing touch is a set of miniature trees in matching planters. The only decoration for the trees are clear Christmas lights.

Mirror Effect


Not wanting to obscure the scenic snow reflection in this wood door, the wreath is placed on the lower portion of the door. The reflection becomes part of the daytime door decoration.

This design works since the wreath has a companion that's the same height -- a present-loaded sleigh with pine boughs fanning around them. Another clever choice is the suspended Christmas tree decorated with red ornament balls.

You can take this idea and create an identical version or be inspired to design your own unique door vignette.

Wisps of Fairyland Christmas


This white willow and lights door decoration is whimsical and airy like a touch of fairyland. The wreath and garland as well as the spiral topiary trees feature LED white sprigs of garland. The railing is decorated with white strings of light.

To recreate the wreath and garland, you can use white willow garland with battery operated LED lights. Use a white wire wreath form to wrap the garland around to create the wreath. Be sure to secure the strands to the wire frame with white wire ties. Tuck the battery control box behind the wreath form. Secure the garland on the door frame columns with white wire, tacks or hooks.

To create the spiral topiaries, spray paint a stick white and plant into the urn. Use a firm but flexible wire to create the spiral twist. Attach the top of wire spiral to stick with white wire and bury the end in the urn. Then attach the strands of LED willow garland to the wire frame using white twist ties.

Finish with decorative lanterns placed next to the door.

Tartan Christmas


A classic Christmas design uses great holiday elements together with pine garland. Poinsettias, gold ornament balls, red berries, and pine cones decorated the garland. The iconic red tartan plaid is interwoven through the garland with lots of twists and curls.

Tied and suspended from a gold loop varying lengths of gold cord support gold colored bells. The red door makes this door decoration truly outstanding!

Candy Cane Column


This door treatment includes a short garland that travels up and over the door frame and back down the side light panel (blocked from view by column). The pine wreath is decorated all in red. Poinsettias, ornament balls, both large and small. The small balls are placed in an arrangement of three to resemble holly berries. A large bow is added to the bottom of the wreath.

Complementing the door decorations is the column wrapped with red ribbon and garland for a candy cane effect. The ribbon can be secured with small pieces of packing tape (be careful when removing not to peel paint). Small tacks may also be used. Small command hooks or picture hanging wire can be used to secure garland in place around columns. Be sure to use outdoor proof ribbon and garland.

Kid Friendly


This door design completes a fun porch vignette. The door is framed with a green garland that features an intertwined red metallic cord. Miniature gold ornament balls are added along the length of the garland. The wreath features poinsettias as well as red and gold ornament balls.

The rest of the porch display includes pine garlands wrapped around the columns. The garlands display large gold and red ornament balls and bows. Don't forget to add the small decorated Christmas tree in the corner and a couple of faux presents with streaming ribbons. A dash of faux snow and your design is complete.

Once the door's been decorated, turn your attention to the family tree and explore great ideas for decorating a Christmas tree with ribbon.

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16 Stunning Front Door Christmas Decoration Ideas