5 Pink Christmas Decoration Ideas: A Shopping Guide

pink christmas

Creating a pink-themed Christmas is fun and offers a wide variety of decoration choices. You can go with a hot pink color theme or opt for a soft pale pink. Add pop to an antique white and gold Christmas décor scheme with elegant pink decorations. Whatever way you go - whether decorating in all-out pink or just adding touches throughout your home - you're sure to find pink a perfect fit for the holidays.

Pink Christmas Trees

pink Christmas tree

The most obvious way to decorate your Christmas tree in pink is to purchase one and then decorate it using darker and lighter pink ornaments. You can also choose an accent color or two, such as gold and silver ornaments or a soft white to give your tree decorating greater design depth.

Another way to have a pink Christmas tree is to purchase pink lights, ornaments, ribbons, garland and even tinsel to use on a typical green Christmas tree. This way, if you decide a few Christmases from now that you want to go with a different color, you simply change it all out.

Shopping for Pink Christmas Trees

Finding the perfect pink Christmas tree isn't too much of a challenge. There are quite a few popular choices that include:

  • Houzz: This 7.5' slim Nobel Pine hot pink tree is ideal for smaller rooms and tight corners. Pick it up for approximately $230.
  • Target: An choice is this 6' pre-lit (pink lights) artificial pink Christmas tree. Buy it for around $84.
  • Treetopia: This soft pink tree with a matte finish, pink or clear lights and wires comes with a pink stand. Available in full and slim styles, you can choose from 4' to 9' tall. It costs around $130 to $500, depending on size and style you choose.

Shopping for Pink Ornaments

Pink ornaments can be used on either a pink tree or traditional green tree for a wonderfully fun look. Some great finds include:

  • Christmas Central: Choose from several pinks in various ornament ball sizes, pink stars, tear-drop shaped ornaments and even a 125-ornament set of mixed styles. Prices are around $4- $42.
  • Target: Target offers a 15-piece berry, wine, gold and pink Christmas ornament set. It costs around $3.
  • Walmart: This 4-pack of 6" dangling candy ornaments are shatterproof and feature pink and white and pink, white and silver colors. You'll spend about $10 on them.

Create an Elegant Designer Mantel

Regina Gust mantel design

Take a page out of Houston, Texas Designer Regina Gust's Christmas portfolio with this elegant mantel design. The mantel matches the equally gorgeous Christmas tree.

This mantel design features a pine garland with beautiful embellishments. The luxurious garland is draped over the mantel and allowed to cascade to the floor. Emulate the style by incorporating the following items into your mantel design.

  • Entwine embroidered ribbon and pink silk flowers through the garland.
  • Select beaded garlands with large flattened baubles.
  • Purchase gold oversized pine cones or DIY and paint plain pine cones gold.
  • Add garlands of gold leaves.
  • Give your arrangement some sparkle with large pink and gold glitter ornament balls.

Shopping for Mantel Decorations

Recreating the special look of this pink mantel design can be fun and effective. Shop for specific garland embellishments with:

  • Papermart: Embroidered or printed ribbons, such as the White Artistic wired ribbon with silver decorative design, can be intertwined with the mantel garland. It costs around $6.50/roll.
  • Christmas Central: Use several large 4" pink holographic glitter Christmas ball ornaments. Pick them up for around $4 each.
  • Target: Balance your design with Christmas ball ornaments in various shades of gold. The set of 25 is $3.
  • Jet: You can add a gold-beaded garland, such as a 6' oversized shiny gold Christmas ornament ball garland with glitter accents. The garland is priced near $42.
  • Curious Country Creations: Purchase pine cone ornaments or make your own by spraying plain pine cones gold, such as this 30-ct large 5"-7" long pine cones. But one for approximately $40.
  • Afloral: You can purchase a gold ivy leaf garland (around $6) or DIY by spray painting a 6' green long ivy garland (about $12) with some leaves gold and others pink.

Painted Pine Cone Wreath

pink pinecone wreath

Make your own pine cone wreath using various sizes and types of pine cones hot glued to a wreath form or purchase a plain pine cone wreath and paint it pink.

Finishing Touches

To give your wreath interest and design depth, you can use three different values of pink hues. Add either baby's breath sprigs or white berry sprigs for accent colors. Forget the bow, simply wrap gold trimmed pink ribbon around the top of the wreath, tie a secure knot and place it in the back so it won't be seen. Use another ribbon to attach to a wreath hook.

Other Wreath Ideas

You can create many other types of pink wreaths. The video to the right demonstrates how you can make a retro tinsel and ornament wreath using vintage ornaments as well as small, medium and large ornament balls.

  • A pink feather wreath can be used as-is or you can add lights and spray with glitter or snow onto the feather tips.
  • Hot glue several sizes of ornament balls in various pinks to a wreath form for a shiny colorful Christmas cheer.
  • Use a plain wreath of greenery or grapevine and add various pink touches, such as silk flowers, ornaments and lights.

Shopping for Pink Wreaths

You can really go pink all the way by adding a wreath or two to your Christmas decor. Some of the shopping choices include:

  • Target: This is a simple tinsel wreath, but it gives a lot of pop to your holiday decor of pink. It costs about $16.
  • Michaels: DIY with 24-piece 2.5" pale pink ornament balls (around $15) and 12-piece bubblegum pink ornament balls (around $20) to make an ornament ball wreath. Attach them to a foam wreath in whatever size you need.

Pink Table Centerpieces

pink table centerpiece

Adding a touch of pink to your Christmas table centerpiece is easy. You may choose to go all out with lots of pink or prefer a soft subtle pink centerpiece.

In this table centerpiece, glass cloches are used as an excellent design element. You can add ornaments in pink and gold topped with a delicate soft rose bouquet. Place the filled cloche on a mirror tray. Add large cream-colored silk decorative ornament balls with pearl-like embellishments.

Shopping for Pink Centerpieces

You can make an amazing pink centerpiece for your holiday table. Recreate this one with a few simple items.

  • World Market: These glass cloches are available in two sizes: 7.5" and 11" tall. They cost between $13 -$20.
  • Walmart: An 8-piece set of 3.25"matte finish, pale pink, glass ball Christmas ornaments can be placed inside the cloches. Purchase them for close to $23.
  • Afloral: You can use these two-tone, pink, silk cabbage roses snipped and used to create a kissing ball effect inside the cloche. Add some glitter to the petals for a more festive look. Purchase it for about $10.
  • Christmas Central: Purchase large Victorian style cream-colored ornament balls for the tray. You'll spend approximately $10.
  • Amazon: This antique gold finished mirror tray will give an elegant touch to your centerpiece. Buy it for about $30.

If you want to DIY, don't despair. Create your own Victorian style ornaments by covering foam ornament balls with cream-colored satin, braided cord trim ribbon (around $2/yard), and craft pin pearls (100-count around $4).

String Along the Season With Christmas Garland

pink tinsel

When decorating with a pink Christmas theme, don't forget the garland. There are several choices, especially when it comes to traditional tinsel. You can either purchase a tinsel one with string lighting or create your own.

DIY Tinsel Garland Idea

You can re-create the garland idea in this photo. Follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Wrap pink tinsel garland around one or more strings of pink mini-lights.
  2. Use garland to frame doors, windows, staircase railings, and mantels.
  3. Add decorative mini-lanterns space evenly along the garland over the mini-lights. Alternatively, purchase decorative string lights with lanterns or other decorative shapes for the season.

Shopping for Tinsel, Lights, and Lanterns

Regardless your Christmas decorating style, there are many garland choices for a pink theme. These include:

  • Amazon: Go for an elegant 3" thick and 12' long darker pink tinsel garland. It costs approximately $7.
  • Rite Aid: Choose 6' long baby pink tinsel that's 10" in diameter for a full luscious look. You'll spend close to $12.
  • Walmart: You can use a set of 10 mini white LED metal lanterns to recreate the look. If you prefer gold or even pink lanterns, consider spray paint to change out the metal lantern color. Buy it for about $37.
  • Novelty Christmas Lights: You can keep it pink with this 100-count super bright light string with white wire. Pick it up for about $15.
  • DHGate: Try a modern look with 10m pink LED string of lights. You'll spend around $5.

Go Pink for Christmas

There are many ways you can incorporate the color pink into a stunning Christmas decorating theme. Choose decorations that you love and your creation will reflect the holiday spirit!

5 Pink Christmas Decoration Ideas: A Shopping Guide