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Printable Christmas Writing Paper

Click to download the paper.
Click to download the paper.

Festively decorated papers will add cheer to your correspondence whether you plan on mailing a note to a friend or including it with a special gift. They're also fun to use for gift lists, to-do lists, and even copying holiday recipes onto. Download and print one of these designs to match your holiday photo card or wrapping paper, or choose one that fits the occasion for the note.

Printable Christmas Stationery

Select the stationery you wish to use. Choose the garland and ornaments option for a family letter or more formal note to a teacher, church member, or neighbor. The cute reindeer and bells are a fun option for kids to use or if you have a family letter that highlights the kids and their accomplishments.

To download and use the stationery, you'll need Adobe Reader.

  • If you want to use the stationery for a type-written letter, allow the ink on the paper to dry as you write your letter and adjust your word processing program's margins. Then feed the stationery back into the printer according to your printer's settings and print. Print one page as a test to make sure you loaded the stationery properly.
  • If you want to use the Christmas writing paper for a handwritten note, wait for the ink on the border to dry and then compose your letter in the blank space.

Additional Holiday Writing Paper Options

If these papers aren't your style, you can find additional writing papers online. Most free papers are okay to use for non-commercial purposes.

  • Activity Village has several lined writing paper options perfect for kids. Graphics include angels, penguins, elephants, and more.
  • Snowflakes for Christmas includes both lined and unlined writing papers so you can choose which one best suits your needs. Designs all feature snowflakes in a variety of colors like blue, green, purple, and red.
  • Teacher Printables has a few bordered papers including ones with poinsettias, wreaths, and snowmen. All papers are lined.
  • Busy Bee Kids Printables offers both lined and unlined options for their writing paper in designs like Santa and his reindeer, elves, ornaments, and Christmas lights. Envelope designs and printing instructions are also included.
  • Mint Printables features not only regular Christmas writing paper but envelope instructions, too, and specialized options like papers designed just for a card list or your "to do" list. Designs include snowmen, nativity wreath, cat and dog with Santa hat, and more.

Christmas Correspondence

The Christmas writing paper you choose will help make your holiday notes and letters a little more jolly this holiday. Look for one you find appealing and start printing!

Printable Christmas Writing Paper