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90+ Fun & Free Christmas Printables for Any Occasion

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If you're an avid crafter, teacher, or artist, printable Christmas templates, graphics, and decorative pages can help cut down on your holiday craft preparations. Whether you're working on adult projects or creating with kids, free supplies from LoveToKnow save you time and money.

Festive Games, Food, and Activities

Looking for Christmas-themed games, food, and activities? Try these printables. For help, see LTK's Guide for Adobe Printables.

Holiday Menus

Looking for a printable menu? These menus are customizable, so you can add your own foods to share your menu with others.

Holiday Skits and Plays

Put on a show at home, school, church or anywhere with free, festive theatrical scripts.

Holiday Puzzles

Want some holiday-themed fun for people of all ages? How about printable holiday puzzles? Try these!

Group Christmas Activities

If you love filling your Christmas season with fun games and activities fit for the whole family or class, these ideas are perfect for you.

Holiday Coloring Pages and Stationary

Young artists rejoice in creativity with fun holiday-inspired papers for free-hand drawing or writing and coloring pages.

Christmas Gifts

Give your friends and family the gift of a personalized present and keep all your projects or shopping organized with printable gift pages.

Shopping and Organization

Keep track of your wish lists, shopping lists, and other gifts with a few handy holiday documents.

Gifts and Wrapping

Homemade gifts are thoughtful, unique, and easy thanks to pre-made gift tags and certificates.

DIY Christmas Cards

Each printable card features original christmas scenes and sayings you can share with friends and family.

Christmas Crafts

Whether you're doing it for yourself or for others, Christmas crafting helps you get in the holiday spirit.

Craft Supplies

If you need festive papers, graphics, or templates these printables include everything from trees and gifts to reindeer and snowflakes.

Paper Craft Projects

All you need are a few sheets of paper and a little creativity to craft beautiful holiday decorations.

Fabric and Yarn Projects

Get out your sewing machine, needles, or hooks and start making beautiful holiday decorations like stockings and tree skirts.

Have a DIY Christmas

The holidays can be an expensive time of year. Why not craft your way through Christmas with free printables that give any project that homemade, thoughtful feel?

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90+ Fun & Free Christmas Printables for Any Occasion