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6 Creative Christmas Cookie Decorating Ideas for the Season

assorted decorated cookies

Make your Christmas cookies stand out with decorating ideas that range from sophisticated to simple. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of decorating experience or a little because these festive ideas include something for everyone. No matter what your favorite Christmas cookie is, one (or more!) of these options is sure to please your palate.

Classic Christmas Tree

This classy tree looks elegant without the effort. Dip a Christmas tree cut out in green royal icing. Allow the icing to firm and then use white icing with a small round tip to draw on light strands. Make small white dots at regular intervals across the strands to resemble white lights.

christmas cookie tree

Melted Snowman Cookies

Melted snowmen are popular for cookie trays because of their silly design, and kids love them too. Dip toothpicks in melted chocolate and orange candy coating and draw a snowman's face on large marshmallows. Use a spatula to spread white royal icing on top of the cookie; it doesn't need to be perfect. Place the snowman's head at the top of the cookie while the icing is still tacky. Add a few chocolate coated candies below the marshmallow for "buttons." Use additional chocolate candy coating to draw stick arms off to the sides.

Army of melted snowmen on ginger cookies

Reindeer Face

If you have a gingerbread cookie cutter, you can make this reindeer face. Flip the cooled gingerbread men upside down. Use chocolate icing to create a large raindrop shape starting mid-torso and around the head. This will be the reindeer's face. Draw ears straight out from the head on what were once the gingerbread man's arms. Gold tinted icing that scrolls up into the legs make the antlers. Fill in the rest of the reindeer's face with additional red, white, and black icing. A touch of white icing can resemble snow on antlers, head, and ears.

reindeer cookie

Merry and Bright Boots

Cookies shaped like small boots add a punch of color to your holiday dessert tray. Use thinned royal icing in bright jewel tones to decorate the lower portion of the boots. Then cover the top part of the stocking in white icing and gently dip into white sparkling sugar. A small black "x" for laces rounds out the boot design. If you want to make the cookies look like stockings instead of boots, skip the laces and add white icing to the toes and heel.

Merry and Bright Boots

Easy Ornament Cookie Design

A design that's worthy of your Christmas cookie exchange doesn't need to be difficult. Melt white chocolate and dip thick round cookies or sandwich cookies in the candy. Allow it to dry and add small frosting dots in silver, teal, and white. Unwrap mini chocolate cups (such as peanut butter or caramel) and add to the top of the cookie so the larger end is facing down. Affix using additional melted white chocolate.

Christmas white chocolate ornament cookies

Pastel Penguin Cookies

The pink and purple hues make the penguin stand out among more traditional red, green, white, and blue colors typically featured during the holidays. These cookies require a little more talent to decorate, but given the simple shape of the penguin, shouldn't be too hard to master. Start by covering your cookies in pink and purple royal icing. Once set, add the basic black penguin outline. Outline his white chest as well and then flood with black between the two. Cover the chest with white. Allow the penguin to firm and then add the eyes, beak, feet (if shown), scarves, earmuffs, and fondant icing bows. Finish by adding a few snowflake sprinkles around the top of the cookie.

Penguin Cookies

Artistic Angel Cookie

This angelic cookie will require some skill and patience. Start by outlining the angel's dress (including arms) in blue royal icing and then flooding the center. Then do the same for her face and hands, but in the skin tone you desire. Allow the icing to set and then work on the wings using a brush embroidery decorating technique. Once the dress, face, and wings have fully set, you can start piping on the details. Add hair, facial features, collars, and skirt hemline. Allow them to set before adding the gold halo. Pipe a holiday scene onto the bottom of the skirt. A snowman, snowflakes, and simple tree take this angel to heavenly heights!

christmas homemade gingerbread angel

Happy Holiday Cookie Designs

You don't need to be a master decorator to create these festive holiday designs. Just bake up your favorite Christmas cookie recipe and start decorating. You'll have the best looking holiday cookie tray in the neighborhood!

6 Creative Christmas Cookie Decorating Ideas for the Season