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Printable Christmas Word Search Puzzles for All Ages

Christmas Word Search Puzzles for All Ages

Kids and adults can enjoy word search puzzle challenges individually or in group settings as they learn about and celebrate Christmas. Click on the image of the themed free printable you want to try, then download and print it consulting the Adobe guide for any problems. Each printable includes the word search worksheet and an answer key.

Find the Christmas Tree Decorations

Words in this puzzle are only found in horizontal and vertical positions making it easy enough for kids ages four and up. The use of lowercase letters helps younger kids recognize these more common letter forms.

Christmas Character Surprise

Take word puzzles to the next level with this artistic, graphic word search featuring popular characters from Christmas stories and movies. Kids ages five and up are challenged to find the words in the grid and color them using the correct colors to create a surprise image at the end.

Moderately Hard Festive Puzzle

Older elementary kids and teens may find this word search a bit more difficult as they won't know what words to find until they've deciphered the scrambled word bank. Each scrambled word in the word bank is a common holiday sweet in either drink, candy, or dessert.

Difficult Christmas Word Puzzle

Each hidden word in the puzzle features two or three words and the search grid is larger, making this puzzle more appropriate for tweens, teens, and adults. Find your favorite short Christmas carol titles horizontally, vertically, or diagonally in this challenging word search. Bonus points awarded if you can sing each tune while you find it!

Make Your Own Christmas Word Search

Choose up to 18 holiday-themed words to add to the word bank on this blank 16 by 16 word search worksheet. After choosing your words, write each letter of each word in an open square on the search grid. After you've added all your words to the search grid, fill in the empty spaces with random letters. Whether you're using family names for a customized Christmas gift or educational concepts for your classroom, this twinkling holiday template adds spirit to any occasion.

Brush Up On Christmas Vocabulary

Word search puzzles for the holidays feature all the festive and magical people, places, and things you love about Christmastime. Challenge yourself or others to find the words quickly and see if you can complete every difficulty level.

Printable Christmas Word Search Puzzles for All Ages