Christmas Wish List Template for Kids

Child writing wish list

It's time for the kids to start filling out their wish lists for Santa. Make them even more interesting and fun to fill out with a printable that comes with stockings and holly that are already colored in, or choose to let the kids color their own festive border.

Free Wish List Printables

Choose one or both options below to print out for your kids. You can do this by following the directions for Adobe printables. Choose a colorful option or one that your children can color themselves.

How to Use the Wish Lists

Once you've printed your list or lists, help your child brainstorm for gift ideas. You may want to have a toy catalog nearby if they're likely to have a hard time coming up with anything (or anything Santa may actually be able to bring them, considering kids can get quite creative with their requests when Santa is involved!).

Keep a few questions in mind, like whether there's a game they've played at a friend's house they'd like to have, what type of clothing items they would enjoy wearing, what kind of stories they'd like to read over the course of the next year, and then add items to the list that fit those guidelines.

Offer to mail the list to Santa or address it and put it in the mailbox. Make sure to jot down a copy of the items on the list for your own shopping endeavors!

Lists Make Shopping Easy

Not only is it fun for kids to complete their lists, it also helps out parents, grandparents, other relatives, and Santa. Snap a quick photo of the completed list and send it to everyone who wants to know what's on your child's list.

Christmas Wish List Template for Kids