11 Fantastic Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Stockings with gifts

It can be a difficult and frustrating experience to shop for teens because they can be so particular in their tastes. Try these fantastic can't miss stocking stuffers for the difficult to shop for teen in your life.

1. Star Wars Mighty Minis Darth Vader USB Charger

Star Wars has been an important part of pop culture since the 1970s, and many of today's teens grew up loving the franchise and watching the movies over and over again. With such love for the characters and world created in the Star Wars franchise, virtually any Star Wars gift is one a teen will treasure. Since they also love their electronics, this adorable Star Wars Darth Vader USB charger is a great choice. This little guy is a battery-powered microboost USB charger that can give your electronics about three extra hours of juice - perfect for the teen on the go. Plus, it's Darth Vader, and he fits in a stocking. ($10)

2. Emoji Knee High Socks

Today's wired teens communicate with emojis when they text, use Snapchat, or engage in other forms of social media. Naturally, these emoji knee-high socks make a great gift for the emotional teen who just wants to express herself - with her feet, ankles, and calves. Best Products lists this as one of the top 20 teen gifts of 2016. The socks are adorable, affordable, and why wouldn't you put a pair of socks inside a stocking? How meta. ($6.50)

Emoji Knee High Socks
Emoji Knee High Socks

3. Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer

For your Instagram loving teens, try this Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer. It's portable, handy, and allows your teen to print his or her favorite images from Instagram, a smartphone, or elsewhere. Print photos or stickers teens can put in their lockers or on their book covers or share with friends. Business Insider said this was one of 15 gifts teens wanted in 2015, and they're sure to want it this year, as well. It comes in two colors - white or turquoise. ($130)

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer
Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

4. Cat Ring Holder

Amazon customers give this adorable little cat ring hold a nearly perfect rating. The ring holder is tiny, so it won't take up much stocking real estate for the little girl in your life. ($10)

Umbra Zoola Cat Ring Holder
Umbra Zoola Cat Ring Holder

5. Stylish Selfie Remote

For the selfie-loving teen looking for her best angle - or for the best angle when she takes photos with all her friends, try this adorable selfie remote recommended as a great gift for teen girls by Seventeen magazine. It's wireless when paired with a phone by Bluetooth, and works as far as 30 feet away. ($20)

6. Magnetic Bike Lights

Keep the athlete in your life safe when he rides his bike after dark with these cool magnetic bike lights. The bright, mini LED lights affix to bicycles with strong magnets and have three light settings to keep the cyclist visible as he pedals down the dark street. Reviewers on Uncommon Goods give the lights nearly four out of five stars and love the convenience and brightness of these removable mini lamps. ($25 or less)

7. Game of Phones

They're on their smartphones all the time anyway, so they might as well use them for in person social interaction. Game of Phones, recommended by POPSUGAR as a top gift for teens, is a card game which offers challenges using a smartphone, such as texting a parent and being the first to get a text back. It's good, wholesome fun on the phone that doesn't have anything to do with Pokemon. ($20)

Game of Phones
Game of Phones

8. Personalized M&Ms

Seriously, what teen doesn't like chocolate? Chicago Now lists personalized M&Ms as a top gift for teens, and they are pretty cool. For the sports lover, choose their favorite NFL team to adorn the sweet candies. ($35 for a two-pound bag)

9. beautyblender Makeup Sponge

For the makeup loving teen in your life, you can't miss with the beautyblender makeup sponge from Sephora. Good Housekeeping lists it as a top pick for teen gifts, and Sephora reviewers give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. The reusable sponge ensures streak-free makeup application for a flawless finish that will be the envy of girlfriends everywhere. ($20)

beautyblender Makeup Sponge
beautyblender Makeup Sponge

10. Touchscreen Winter Gloves

What better way to keep a teen from the heartbreak of fingertip frostbite while texting in cold winter temperatures than with a pair of warm winter touchscreen gloves? The Wirecutter chose the North Face ThermoBall Etip glove as their runner up to the top glove, the Moshi Digits. Either will keep frost bite at bay as your teen texts away in subzero temps. ($30)

11. Tye Dye in a Box

Remember how much fun you had tye dyeing t-shirts when you were a kid? Bring that same fun to your teen with Tye-Dye in a Box. Good Housekeeping says crafty teens will love it, and the kit comes with everything your teen will need to get started, including a project booklet and a scarf in need of some fun decoration. While you're at it - pick up a kit for yourself. It's to dye for. ($30)

Make a Teen Happy

Sure, you can stuff stockings with candy canes and toiletries, but wouldn't you like to see that typical sullen teen expression turn to joy and excitement? With these gifts, you're sure to delight the teen in your life, and maybe even elicit a rare smile.

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