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Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Sally Painter
employee with Christmas gift

You can find great gifts that are near or under $10 for a coworker. Keep in mind when shopping online that you can defray shipping costs by ordering other items. Some online stores offer free ship to store or in-store pick up.

Non-Gender Coworker Gifts

As a rule, you don't want to give a personal gift. A non-gender gift is usually the wisest approach to coworker gift giving.

Pocket Stashes

Think Geek (and Amazon) offers three types of water proof neoprene 'O' ring and keyring attachments. Stashes are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and include FireStash (working lighter), CoinStash (quarters) and CashStash (cash); each is sold separately. ($6.95 flat rate standard U.S. shipping or free shipping for orders $75+.)

Knock Knock Self-Help Dispense

Spin some self-help wisdom with this dispenser. Place it on the desk for a daily chuckle from this whimsical oracle. Contains 100 affirmations sure to be a morale booster. ($3.50 shipping.)

Knock Knock Self-Help Dispenser
Knock Knock Self-Help Dispenser

Holiday Hot Beverage Gift Sets

The Holiday Hot Beverage Gift Set contains three beverage types including milk cocoa, dark chocolate cocoa and chocolate truffle coffee. The gift also includes a mug and a decorative tin.

InterDesign Axis Scarf, Tie, or Belt Hanger

Amazon features this 18-loop hanger made from steel with a chrome finish. It isn't just for scarves and can be used to store ties, belts, shawls and other accessories. The size is 11.5" x .5" x 9.5". (Free shipping with $35 orders.)

Seed Money

Perpetual Kid gives a fun double entendre with this unique gift. It's a set of 30 mixed letterpress printed paper coins that each has real seeds embedded in them. Just slip into the soil, water, and watch them sprout. ($5.99 flat shipping rate.)

  • Pennies: Wildflowers
  • Nickels: Herbs
  • Dimes: Root crops
  • Quarters: Salad greens

Tangle Relax Therapy

The Tangle Relax Therapy tool gives relief to hand joints and muscles. It's especially great for office desk use while on conference phone calls. Twist and manipulate it while relieving work-related stress. It's recommended for smoking cessation, too. (It's $4.99 standard shipping from Office Playground and is also available through

Terracotta Christmas Tree Candle Holder

Concern America, Marketplace of Fair Trade Crafts offers this "low-profile" one-inch tall terracotta Christmas tree candle holder. The holder is painted a "festive gold" with a whitewashed decorative pattern. It's a fair trade handmade item from Bangladesh. (Add $5 UPS shipping.)

Santa Mug

Let your coworker enjoy hot chocolate or morning coffee from a vintage Santa Figural Mug. There are several different styles and options on Etsy.

Stemless Wine Glass

Crate and Barrel lets you celebrate with this 4" tall stemless wine glass ideal for white wine. Buy four and still be under a $10 budget. (Pick up at local store.)

Gifts for Men

If you have a male coworker you'd like to give a present to this holiday season, consider the following ideas.

Magnetic Wristband

The Hardware City gives an age-old carpentry problem a smart solution with the MagnoGrip 311-090 Magnetic Wristband. The wristband is embedded magnets to keep screws, nails, bolts and tools within easy reach. (Free shipping.)

Multi-functional Key Tool

Tmart has the perfect gift for anyone mechanically inclined with this keyring featuring eight tools in one. This super-strong 422 grade stainless steel tool hides in plain site by encasing one of your keys. Tools are large screwdriver, medium screwdriver, small screwdriver, file, bottle cap opener, fingernail file, wire cutter on tweezers with keyring clip and faux key. (Spend $6.95 flat rate standard U.S. shipping or free shipping for orders $75+ at Tmart or buy through Amazon.)

Black Leather Card Case

Amazon offers this stainless steel card holder featuring a leather exterior that sports the Y&G logo. Several interior colors are available. (Free shipping order over $35.)

Gifts for Women

One of the women you like might enjoy one of the following items:

Decorative Soap Sleeve

Bath & Body Works has the perfect gift for a coworker who loves these products. This sledding snowman soap sleeve is designed specifically for foaming soaps. There are many other style and dispenser sizes available. (Pick up at your local store to avoid shipping charges.)

Pencil Holder With Lilies

Concern America, Marketplace of Fair Trade Crafts offers this "striking blue" 4" x 3" wooden pencil holder, featuring hand-painted calla lilies. This fairly traded pencil holder is from El Salvador. (Add $5 UPS shipping.)

Satin Lipstick Holder

Feng Shui-Import shows off with this great lipstick keeper made from satin fabric with a small inside mirror. This 4" long case holds one regular sized lipstick. Choose from four colored patterns. ($3.79+ shipping USP First Class or free shipping $85+ with $1.25 handling fee.)

Other Cheap Coworker Gift Ideas

Pick up various inexpensive items, such as candy, holiday-themed Post-it notes, pens, trail sizes of lotions, and other everyday items tailored for the Christmas season. If you're a crafty person, present a homemade Christmas gift basket or food gift.

Gift Certificate Options

Gift certificates can often be purchased in either $5 increments or you can choose your own amount, making them perfect for giving to coworkers. Consider giving:

  • Fastfood or coffee shop gift certificates
  • Amazon, iTunes, or other online shop gift certificates
  • Credit card gift card or store specific gift card
  • Redbox gift card

Personalized Present Ideas

When you know the people you are giving the gifts ahead of time, you can personalize the gift to their hobbies and interests. Consider picking up a book in a subject they are interested in or giving them a magazine gift subscription. More personal ideas for inexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts include:

  • Latest CD from their favorite music group
  • Picture frame to show off their family or pet
  • Craft supplies for their hobby

In small companies, it may be office policy to give everyone a gift. This makes finding an inexpensive coworkers Christmas gift even more important for your budget. Consider getting everyone the same cheap gift item, but having a slightly different theme for each person.

Make It Fun

Gift giving in the workplace during the holidays is not as common as it once was. For those companies still allowing this practice, be sure to follow the rules, stay in budget, and for the most success, keep the recipient in mind when selecting a gift.

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Coworkers