Folding Christmas Tree: Logistics, Advantages & Buying

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Purchasing a folding Christmas tree is one way to make holiday decorating easy. The folding tree, sometimes called a pop-up, pull-up or collapsible tree, is one that offers many advantages over its other artificial counterparts.

How Does the Tree Fold?

A folding holiday tree is one that does not come apart in pieces. Unlike traditional artificial Christmas trees that require a two to three part stand with multiple rows of branches that are added one by one, a folding tree typically comes together in just a few basic steps.

  1. Put together the central stand.
  2. Slide the collapsed tree over the stand.
  3. Add a secondary stand part (if the tree is tall enough) and pull it up.
  4. Affix the top of the tree to the top of the stand.
  5. Plug in the lights and adjust any decorations as necessary.

Once the holidays are over, simply reverse the directions to fold it back into its compact form. Every tree brand will have some slight variations in the folding instructions, but the above outlines the basic idea.

Advantages of Collapsible Christmas Trees

The advantages of a collapsible Christmas tree are numerous. First and foremost is the ease at which it is assembled. No longer will you have to hope that all of the pieces were gathered together the previous year, have a crew to put it together or need complicated instructions to finish putting the tree up. More advantages include:

  • Time: The ease of assembly means that it takes very little time to put the tree up.
  • Decorations: Lots of folding trees come pre-decorated, meaning you do not have to search for a cohesive Christmas ornament theme or spend hours evening out the decoration placement.
  • Storage: A tree that collapses into itself, even if it is large, takes up much less storage space than a tree that has large branches that need to be boxed and stored. It makes a folding tree ideal for an apartment, condo or home with little storage space.
  • Money: Buying a tree that is pre-lit and pre-decorated can save you money on both the additional lights and ornaments you would have otherwise purchased to complete your Christmas tree.

While there are plenty of advantages to getting a folding Christmas tree, there are a few disadvantages to keep in mind. If you take pleasure in personally selecting the Christmas tree decorations and putting the entire tree together, this is definitely not the right tree for you. Also, any ornaments, ribbons and bows on a pre-decorated tree that collapses may get wrinkled and look cheap after a few years if care isn't taken when folding and unfolding it.

Find Folding Christmas Trees

Pull-up Christmas trees are readily available throughout the fall and holiday season. During the off-season, you can usually find the trees online at large retailers, home decorating stores or Christmas shops. These are just a few of the many folding trees available:

Buying an Artificial Christmas Tree

Keep in mind that buying the trees before the holiday shopping season gets in full swing may land you additional discounts. Get into the holiday spirit early this year and pick up a folding Christmas tree to make your decorating easy.

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Folding Christmas Tree: Logistics, Advantages & Buying