15 Fun Ways to Decorate With Candy Canes

Christmas decorations

When the holidays roll around, it's easy to grab a box of candy canes and hang them on the tree like every other year. But this year, you want to jazz it up a bit. Luckily, there are many different ways to decorate with these minty canes. In fact, some ideas may even inspire more holiday magic for your DIY decorations.

Festive Wreath

There's nothing like leaving a first impression and what better way to do so during the holiday season than by making your own unique candy cane wreath? The design options are endless. Whether you add them to an evergreen wreath or let them be the star of the show, candy canes are the perfect way to welcomes guests into your home during the holidays. Use hot glue to stick candy canes together or to adhere the candy canes to an evergreen wreath. Create your own fun, creative design with them!

Bright Holiday Candleholder

This is an easy way to make your spirits just a little brighter this holiday season. Thanks to some festive candy canes, this candleholder will complement your favorite Christmas scented candles. Go above and beyond by finding a peppermint candle so your holder will smell just like it looks! All you have to do to create this craft is hot glue either peppermint sticks or candy canes next to each other on a glass candle holder.

Rebellious Cane Mohawk


Look at this dude rocking a candy cane Mohawk. Talk about lifting the spirits of the holidays to a whole new level. Top this look off with a punked out elf outfit and some Christmas temporary tattoos and you're all set. Heck, good old Kris Kringle would even be jealous of this holiday look.

First, find a flexible stick holder and then put the candy canes in each peg. Add a little glue to the peg holders if you want extra support. Adhere it to your head with either hair clips or by sticking Velcro to your head if you don't have hair.

Minty Centerpiece

If you're looking to make a statement during the holiday season, this homemade candy cane centerpiece will do the trick as it screams Christmas time. Put some of your favorite red and white flowers in the middle to really complete the look. Find a flower vase that doesn't have any curves along the edges then adhere the candy canes to the vase with hot glue. Glue your favorite ribbon around it too.

Candy Cane Platter

Well, of course, Santa needs a special tray to eat his cookies off of, and this peppermint stick platter is a festive way to make it happen. You can even add various colored candy canes or peppermint rounds that you can center some creatively filled and fitted candy canes around. The best part is, you can easily make it every year!

All you have to do is place the candy canes on a baking sheet that has a piece of parchment paper on it. Arrange them however you want. Bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees and wait at least 30 minutes for it to harden.

Sweet Reindeer

candy cane reindeer
Candy Cane Reindeer

How cute are these little guys? Whether you are hanging them on the tree, giving them out as party favors, or initiating a creative project with your kids, these candy cane reindeer are a quirky way to get your festivities on. In fact, they're almost too cute to eat! The key word here is almost.

All you need is small googly eyes, small red puffs, and brown pipe cleaners. Wind the pipe cleaner at the curved end of the candy cane to create antlers then hot glue to adhere. Hot glue eyes and puff balls to create a nose and eyes.

Flavorful Tree Ornaments

Everyone's hung candy canes on their Christmas trees, but this year you should try something a little more unconventional. Melt down your candy canes in your most festive cookie cutters for 15 minutes at 300-degree heat. Hot glue a string or ribbon on the back once they've cooled to hang your new candy cane ornament on your tree. It's a fun craft to do with the kids too.

Red and White Topiaries

Here's a fun way to decorate for a quirky party. It also doubles as a station for party guests to grab something sweet. These candy cane topiaries have all of the red and white you could ever want--Santa hats, candy canes, and little tags that say, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" They're pretty much adorable. This craft involves a little more time and effort, but you can lessen the load by buying small Santa hats. Paint a wooden dowel to look like a candy cane and stick in a Styrofoam square you adhere within your bowl, cup, or flower pot you're using as your base. Use cone-shaped Styrofoam to adhere the hats to the dowels. Paint the outside of the flower pots to decorate then add candy canes in your base.

Candy Cane Tree

These fun little trees are open for creativity. Whether you use traditional candy canes, mini candy canes, peppermint circles, or even Red Hots, you can make your own minty forest with ease. Add little red and gold Christmas tree ornaments around the trees to make a centerpiece. Get various sizes of Styrofoam cones and hot glue them to either silver or gold candle holders. Then hot glue the candy to the cones however you'd like.

Twine-Wrapped Canes

Twine-Wrapped Candy Cane
Twine-Wrapped Candy Cane

If you're looking to celebrate Christmas in a more rustic and traditional way, these folksy-style twine-wrapped candy canes are the way to go. Plus, they have adorable little jingle bells on them! Too cute! Hang them on your tree, use them to decorate your dinner table for your big Christmas dinner party, or complete your rustic décor by making these simple decorations.

Hot glue twine to your candy canes in a spiral. Then glue on some holiday trimming and a festive ribbon. Easy.

Christmas Hearts

Sometimes simple crafts speak volumes especially come holiday times. Simply hot glue two candy canes facing each other to make a heart shape and attach a bow to finish off these candy cane hearts. Hang them on your Christmas tree, place them on dinnerware during a holiday dinner party, or spread them throughout your living room with your other décor.

Simple Place Card Holders

They're quick, simple, and adorable. They're candy cane placeholders! All you have to do is glue three mini candy canes together so that the rounded side faces the table, and viola--you have a place card holder for your delicious holiday meal. You can even set these babies up at your buffet to let guests know what each dish is.

Elf on the Shelf Ladder

Elf on the Shelf Ladder

What shenanigans is the Elf on the Shelf up to now? Help him out with his holiday hijinks by creating a candy cane ladder for this little mischievous guy by simply hanging a strand of prepackaged candy canes for him to climb. Use some double-sided tape to secure him to his ladder and be prepared for some elf-y tomfoolery.

Tasty Ugly Sweater

Talk about taking the holidays to the extreme! Grab and old sweater, some tinsel, tree ornaments, candy canes, and whatever other festive items you want to don on your holiday sweater, then go to town attaching them with your handy hot glue gun however you see fit. You're sure to win the most spirited guest award for sure! There's no right or wrong answer here.

Extra Spirited Beard

Here's a way to get your man into the holiday spirit--involve his facial hair! Extra points if his beard is long enough that you can actually tie the candy canes to him using his whiskers. Otherwise, use beard wax to curl his whiskers like a Christmas tree and attach with some double-sided tape. Make sure to use mini candy canes so they actually adhere. Get him a cute little Santa hat or headband to really complete his look.

A Minty Fresh Holiday

Sure candy canes are a traditional way to decorate for the holidays, but they don't always have to follow the traditional guidelines. Whether you turn them into a centerpiece, change their look when hanging them on the tree, or wear them on your holiday sweater--candy canes will continue to surprise you with their versatile décor options.

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15 Fun Ways to Decorate With Candy Canes