Funny Christmas Sayings

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Use some funny Christmas sayings to jazz up a card, your e-mail signature or your Facebook page during the holiday season. Choose a saying that best reflects your current state of mind for optimal holiday hilarity.

What Makes Christmas Sayings Funny?

What is funny to one person may not be funny to another. Therefore, when you are looking for a funny Christmas quote or saying, it is important to keep your audience in mind. What is appropriate for a personal funny Christmas card to a friend may not be appropriate for a company Christmas card.

In general, most sayings for Christmas that are funny utilize a couple tactics to engage the reader. They may:

  • Play upon words, such as changing "merry" to "berry" when a picture of holly berries is above the saying
  • Rhyme, like in the phrase, "Relatives arrive this happy time of year; why oh why must they be so near?"
  • Involve common holiday tasks, such as shopping, wrapping presents or singing Christmas carols

While you may consider writing satire for Christmas a great way to add some humor into the holiday, keep in mind that not everyone will be appreciative of this form of humor in a saying. Additionally, some people may not appreciate more off-color jokes that appear to make fun of or disrespect their religious beliefs and traditions.

Examples of Funny Christmas Sayings

Once you have determined that it's time to break out some comical Christmas comments, you need to figure out exactly what to say. Writing your own funny saying is one option for those with a great sense of humor and writing skills; otherwise, find a few funny sayings online and put it to use in your holiday greetings.

Write Your Own

Writing your own funny Christmas sayings is a somewhat daunting task unless you are a gift writer with a keen sense of humor. You need to be witty enough to create a funny saying that is also universally relatable and appealing to your masses. This can be incredibly difficult, even for the most talented writer. Tongue-in-cheek observations are perhaps the best way for someone to go about creating a funny holiday saying, but keep in mind that not everyone will understand that style of humor.

Test out your sayings by having someone close to you read them aloud. If you cringe, it is probably best left on the paper and out of your Christmas card.

Find Sayings

Those who do not have the flair for funny can still find plenty of amusing Christmas sayings online. Try one of these websites for some fun anonymous sayings or famous quotations about Christmas:

In addition to finding funny quotes and sayings online, plenty of quotations books or holiday books have a compilation of sayings that can be useful. Children's books and humorous Christmas poem books may include some great one-liners that are perfect for your purposes.

Movies and television specials also provide a great source for hilarious Christmas sayings. Rent some of your favorite funniest Christmas movies like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Elf or The Grinch Who Stole Christmas to find some comical saying about the holiday.

Using Christmas Sayings

The Christmas card is perhaps the best place to use the funny Christmas sayings you come up with or find. However, you can also use them online, as your Facebook status update, Twitter update or even your e-mail signature.

Keep a journal with the Christmas sayings, so that when the season gets to be too much, you can read through your favorites and finish the day with a smile. They are also good for helping to cheer up loved ones when they have the Christmas blues.

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Funny Christmas Sayings